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Information for your passport application - List of Documents

29.02.2024 - מאמר

In order to receive a passport appointment you need to register on the Embassy’s website.

Please carefully read the FAQ before registering for an appointment here.
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List of documents - Printversion - PDF

Type of Document Explanation Check
1. Application form

· Completely filled in, printed and signed, application form for over 16 years or for minors

2. Photo· 1 Biometrical photo (not older than 3 months), please refer to the „Fotomustertafel
3. All passports and IDs

· Expired and current passports of all citizenships

· For Minors: expired and current passports of their citizenships, especially Israeli and German

· All Israeli ID‘S (incl. „Sefach“) and passports of parents

4. Birth certificate/s

· Bilingual (English /Hebrew) Israeli birth certificate issued by the „Misrad Hapnim“

· German birth certificates (if applicable)

· Other birth certificates (and translation if not in English, French or Spanish)

5. German citizenship

· German naturalization certificate („Einbürgerungsurkunde“) of the persons naturalized including ancestors birth and marriage certificates if applicable

· Israeli passport valid on the date of naturalization (only if possible)

· Other certificate of acquisition of German citizenship by declaration or certificate of German citizenship („Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis“), if applicable ancestors birth and marriage certificates

6. Other citizenships

· Only for „Olim“: certificate attesting Israeli / non Israeli citizenship

· Certificate of naturalization of any other citizenship including the certificate on continuation of German citizenship („Beibehaltungsgenehmigung“)

7. Military service· A certificate of service („Ishur al Sherut Sadir“אישור על שירות סדיר/שלב ב; „Keva“) for applicants or parents of applicants born between 1978 and 1991 or Voluntary entry to the IDF between 01.01.2000 and 06.07.2011 is needed; as well as an approval of the German Federal Ministry of Defence („Zustimmung des Bundesministerium für Verteidigung“) if applicable
8. Marriage & Divorce

· Marriage certificate(s) (Israeli certificate sufficient in Hebrew)

· Divorce certificate(s) and German acknowledgment of divorce if applicableDivorce certificate(s) and German acknowledgment of divorce if applicable

9. Name changes/First passport

· German certificate(s) on name change („Namenserklärung; Auszug aus dem deutschen Eheregister)

· “full Tamzit Rishum„תמצית רישום מלא (current excerpt from the population register of the applicant and spouse)

· If this is your first passport for you/for each individual child or there has been a change of name before or after a German passport has been issued, please check the name change website here before booking an appointment as the Israeli name does not always corresponds with the German name. The legal steps to change a name or to create a surname at birth according to German law can be complicated. We strongly recommend in this cases to fill out the pre check form on our website. We can then advise you further.

However if you have a German birth certificate or a German marriage certificate indicating a family name (“Ehename„) a name declaration is not necessary.

10. Children out of wedlock

· Recognition of parenthood “hakara be aba‘ut:הכרה באבהות from the hospital and signed by both parents. If not available you need to get it issued by Misrad Hapnim

· Proof of sole custody, if applicable

11. Proof of residence· In case of a (former) residence in Germany: deregistration or registration certificate („Abmelde-/Meldebescheinigung“)
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