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01.09.2022 - מאמר

המועד האחרון להגשת טפסי המועמדות ושלוש פרויקטים להתייחסות: 7 בספטמבר  
תחרות לאדריכלים ואדריכלי נוף עבור שגרירות גרמניה תל אביב – מעון חדש לשגריר גרמניה בישראל
מידע נוסף באנגלית 

Deadline for upload of application documents  and 3 reference projects **September 7th**  

Competition for architects and landscape architects for the German Embassy Tel Aviv - New Residence for the residence of the German ambassador in Tel Aviv 

A new building is to be erected on the federally owned plot of approx. 2,185 m² in Herzliya, North of Tel Aviv. The new building project includes the official and private elements of the residence. Currently, there is an existing building on the property that is to be demolished. The costs for cost groups 300 to 400 (according to the German DIN 276) are estimated at approx. 6.6 million EUR net, the costs for the landscaping facilities (cost group 500) at approx. 600,000 EUR net. 

The building is to be planned according to a low-tech principle, which favours robust, low-maintenance structural over technical solutions. High energy efficiency, reduction of primary energy demand and CO2 emissions of the property are important planning Goals. 

The design of the building and the selection of the building materials used should be based on local conditions and climatic influences. The aim of the competition is to obtain a preliminary design concept that meets the design, functional and safety requirements and the representational demands of a residence, as well as to find an efficient team of planners for the subsequent work phases. The competition is open to consortiums of architects (in charge) and landscape architects.

The competition language is German.

Link to competition documents

For application contact: WBW-TelA@bbr.bund.de

Upload of application documents (Bewerbungsbogen WBW) and 3 reference projects till September 7, 2022, 11.59 pm.

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